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Today is Earth Day – during this international holiday, we demonstrate support for environmental protection and how our behavior affects the planet. In this article, you’ll find everything about this international holiday and how E-Flux celebrates it!

History & International attention 
In 1970, an estimated twenty million people in the United States demonstrated to raise awareness for the impact that humans have on the environment. Since then, Earth Day has become an international holiday that is celebrated annually on the 22nd of April. Since this first Earth Day in 1970, various chemicals have been banned, marine reserves have been established and vulnerable animals and plants have been protected. Furthermore, building in a more sustainable way has become more important than ever before. Earth Day helps to ensure a greener planet for the future generation. In the Netherlands, Earth Day has been celebrated since 2015. On this international holiday, positivity is important. This means there is no room for negative attention, protests, or awful news articles about the Earth. Earth Day is a positive day that brings attention to the international problems that have been caused by humans living on Earth.

Trees for All
E-Flux has been a proud donor of Trees for All since September 2020. Trees for All is an organization committed to replanting the rainforest. Along with Trees for All, we are committed to social-economic and ecological development worldwide by restoring forest areas. Partly due to donations from E-Flux, Trees for All planted more than 35,000 trees in the rainforest of Carara. Furthermore, Trees for All has managed to plant more than 43 hectares of new forest consisting out of more than 75,000 trees within the Netherlands! Overall, we are extremely proud to be able to contribute to these fanatic goals.

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At E-Flux we cannot wait to plant even more trees with Trees for All! Click here to donate to Trees for All! How do you celebrate Earth Day? Click here to find out more about our charge cards. And click here for our eMobility platform.

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