The Government, provinces and municipalities will allocate 30 million euros to install 100,000+ extra charging stations within the Netherlands.

With the current and future growth in electric cars, the need for charging will get more urgent. The plan has its origin in the climate agreement. To pay for all investments, the national government will invest € 15 million, and the local authorities will invest the same amount. Charging station operators will account for the majority of the investment. Via public tenders they can win orders to install 10.000 charging stations.

550 new charging stations per day

With a forecast of 1.9 million electric cars in 2030, a network of over 1.7 million charging stations is needed. To reach this amount, they have to place almost 213 stations a day in 2021, and scale this to 550 a day by 2025. Current network contains 56,000 public stations and 1300 fast charging stations.

Sourcing new, smarter locations for charging

In addition to charging in residential areas and business locations, more charging stations will be located where people park for a longer time. This can be the supermarket, or restaurants and bars.

Make the most out of your charging facility with an independent back office solution

With this news spread into the world, companies can for sure expect more and more electric cars in their own fleet or from visitors. Therefore, we recommend to already think about investing in charging infrastructure. E-Flux provides independent back office that can connect with over 10 brands of charging stations. We handle all the transactions and offer 24/7 support. This allows you to manage all your charging stations, from different brands at several locations.

E-Flux charge card for public charging

Our solution for public charging is simple: one charge card for low costs which can be used at any public charging station. All charging related data is visible in your personal account (mobile or web app). You receive all your charging sessions per mail monthly in one invoice.

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