Reserving and charging with your smartphone

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The E-Flux app has been taken offline from both stores. The new improved app will be online again at the end of October.

Temporary solution is to look up in your own mobile browser. The display of this page is adjusted to the size of your own mobile.

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Smartphone met E-Flux app voor laden, betalen en reserveren van een laadsessie

With the E-Flux app you can always charge at an E-Flux charging station. Even if you don’t own an E-Flux charging card.

Start and end charging sessions

Do you have an E-Flux Mobility account? Then you can start and end a charging session on every E-Flux charging station. Even if you don’t own an E-Flux charging card, you can still use our app to start a charging session and pay directly with iDeal or credit card.

Reserve a charging station

Besides starting and paying a charging session directly, you can reserve a charging station with the app. Choose the desired charging station and click reserve. You can do this with a maximum of 15 minutes ahead and within a radius of 30 kilometers. Rightnow, this is only possible with charging stations connected to E-Flux.

A fully charged battery

Do you charge at an E-Flux Smart Grid? Then you can indicate in the app what time you plan on leaving and how fully you want your battery charged. This functionality is called Priority Charging. Our management system checks how much electricity is available and adjust your charging station to this. Are you in a hurry? Then we will charge your car faster than the others.

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