Backoffice for your

charging stations

Feel Free!

With a back office you can easily allow guest to charge at your charge station. Also you can settle costs with your employer. On every subscription we offer 24/7 support. Check your ideal subscription.

Backoffice plans

A back office plan is based on functionalities. Duration of the plan is 24 months, and after this period cancelable on monthly base. Next to the monthly fee, we invoice one-time setup costs of €9,95 incl. VAT per charging station.

  • Choose Basic if your charging station will not be used in public and if you don’t want to reimburse your costs with guests or your employer.
  • Choose Plus if you want to settle costs with your employer automatically or if you want to allow guests to charge.

For automatic settlement of charging costs with your employer, you need to use a public charge card*. *For external charge cards, you pay €0,02 per kWh for roaming storage. Order a charge card for only €2,95 per month or pay as you charge for €0,29 per session.

Using a Multi Tank Card? 

You can request a E-Flux charge card/tag via the website of MTC.

Please note: the ‘plug surfing’ charge card does not work. 

backoffice plans

How does a back office plan work?

You can register the charging station after it has been installed. During the registration you can choose the desired billing plan. Want to use the E-Flux charge card? Good choice because it is the best deal. Always order the card before installation so you can charge your card after you’ve registratie the charging station: Dashboard

HOA? Register Charge Point here.

Ready for use in just a few steps

E-Flux has connections with multiple simlock-free charging stations. This gives you freedom to switch to another provider in the future, and to mix different charging stations brands. Check the brands we are compatible with.


Order your charge card

Do this before installation on

Installation and registration

Installer will hand you over an envelope with a leaflet about the registration process. If the installation is successful and the charger receives power you can register the station. Don't forget to attach the sticker with our 24/7 helpdesk to the charger.

Leave your details

You will receive login details for your E-Flux account. Please note: In this e-mail you'll find a link to leave billing details regarding the chosen back office plan.

Price setting (Plus backoffice plan)

You are in charge when it comes to price setting. You can do this in the dashboard of the charging station. We transfer the reimbursement for the sessions on monthly base to your bank account.
Registrate charging station