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How it works

All charging stations will be connected to the E-Flux back office and added to the account of the Homeowners Association. In the back office you can set the kWh-rate. E-Flux will invoice the costs every month to the resident or the card supplier. The reimbursement of the costs will be transferred on a monthly base to the HOA. We always provide 24/7 support.

Back office plan for automatic invoicing

With the Plus plan all charge costs will be automatically invoiced to the user of the charge point. In the registration process the resident determines who pays for the costs of the billing plan (business or private). The HOA will not be invoiced for the costs.

  • Plus: €4 excl. VAT per month per socket
  • One time connection fee of €8,22 per charger
  • Duration of 24 months
  • For automatic invoicing the resident has to use a public charge card. This can be ordered at E-Flux. Please note: If the resident makes use of a charge card from an other provider the kWh-rate will be increased with €0,02 excl. VAT (roamingfee)

Registrate the EV charger:

  • After installation the resident can register the charger to activate it.
  • If the HOA pays for the back office, the registration can be done in the account by adding new charge points and choose the plan.
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