Research by the KIM shows that 86% of the drivers have enough power capacity with a 30kWh battery. This is good for users who would like to make their car fleet more sustainable, because electric cars with a relatively smaller battery are more attractive from a cost point of view. In addition, you also save a lot of Co2 emissions.

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Benefits of EV driving 

  1. Cheaper maintenance
  2. 8% additional tax liability instead of 22%
  3. Ecological investment deduction
  4. No extra emission taxes
  5. No motor vehicle driving tax

Despite the financial benefits and the Co2 savings, there are a lot of discussions going about the ecological damage of battery production. Even though, the emission of battery production will be compensated on the long term, compared to combustion engines.

Battery compared to the combustion engine

Important to involve in the comparison, is the amount of kWh in the battery. For every lithium-ion battery produced, 100g of Co2 per kWh will be emitted. Compared to the petrol engine this is 44L of fuel. The average battery capacity is estimated on 60 kWh, which is equal to 2600L of gasoline and around 43.000km.

Big or small battery?

Research has shown that 86% indicate to have sufficient range with 100km in their daily car use. A 30kWh battery is more than sufficient for daily recharging in this case. The difference between 30kWh and 60kWh in return on investment is about 22,000 km compared to the petrol engine. If you belong to the 86% mentioned above, you halve the return on investment of your battery compared to the 60kWh.

Do you switch to an EV with a small battery?

Below you’ll find an overview of models that have a battery of about 30 kWh:

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