Luxury brand Bentley is taking a huge step in their future plans. The British car manufacturer has decided that from 2030 onwards, they will only produce electric vehicles. In 2026 Bentley will kick off their plug-in hybrid line.

Huge transition, but not a big surprise

Bentley is one of the first automotive brands to announce the step to 100% electric cars. This is an unusual choice for a brand that is known for their 8- and 12-cilinder engines that emit high amounts of CO2. Since the British government recently advanced the date for abolition of the sales of combustion engine to 2030, it makes sense that Bentley reported their due date for the step towards sustainable driving, something which most car manufacturers still didn’t do.

Before the statement, Bentley already had a plug-in hybrid option on the Bentayga (SUV), but after a short time Bentley removed this version when the facelift of the Bentayga was released. After the big announcement, it will be a logical move to reintroduce the PHEV, several media platforms are also talking about the PHEV version of the Flying Spur (see picture).

Luxury brand with a royal position

Bentley, which has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 1998, has the benefit of operating in a niche market. The small group of loyal customers were always willing to pay extra for the exclusive cars that Bentley offers. This provides a decent amount of margin on the cars. Along with the other manufacturers, Volkswagen Group is able to split the costs of the EV development. This advantage decreased Bentley’s costs for their EV-line.

Will other brands follow?

Besides Bentley, the other luxury/sporty manufacturer Porsche is aiming for a full electric assortment. In 2025 Porsche seeks to have 50% of their total sales be from electric or hybrid cars.

German car brands like Audi and BMW have the ambition to fill 50% of their product line with plug-in hybrid or fully electric cars between now and 10 years. Daimler (holding of Mercedes-Benz) targets the total EV sales at 15-25%. For a long time, Daimler believed in the development of the hydrogen-powered engine, though a couple of months ago the holding decided to stop the research of hydrogen cars.

Asian car brands have different views on complete electrification. Nissan is one the pioneers in EV-development, while Toyota and Honda still doubt whether to choose BEV or Hydrogen-powered cars.

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