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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my mobility card

It is important that you block your mobility card as soon as possible. You do this by logging into your Mobility Portal. You have received the login details after you have registered yourself for the E-Flux mobility card. Log in at: Then click on ‘Account’, you will then enter your personal account. Click on ‘My charging cards’, here you can enter your  mobility card as lost. Do you want to order a new charge card? Send an email to We charge €5 incl. VAT for a new card.

What are the costs of a charging station?

The costs of a basic version charging station (3.7kW) without the option to connect to a back office will be around €500. A 1-phase charging station with one socket and a back office will costs between €800 – €1,000. A 3-phase charging station can deliver 11 kW (16A) or 22kW (32A), and will cost around €1,500. Costs for installation depend on the labor hours (Smart Charging, type of connection, cables). For the installation, a total amount ranging from € 300 to € 700 must be taken into account.

What about the installation, support and maintenance?

E-Flux doesn’t sell the charging station, we only sell the subscription for the back office. Our partners, installation companies, give the advice for the best charging solution and they will install the charging stations. Together with the installer we connect the charging station to the E-Flux back office. You will receive an E-Flux account where you can set prices for guest use.

E-Flux offers 24/7 support. If we are not able to solve the problem due to a hardware issue, then we will contact the installer.

What are the advantages of electric driving for my company?

Renewable energy and improvement of the environment is a hot topic. Investing in electric cars is a welcome addition to you Corporate Social Responsibility.

Financial benefits are:

  • Lower costs per kilometer for EV
  • Exemption of tax (road tax and BPM)
  • Low addition of 4% for fully electric cars
  • Entrepreneurs can make use of additional investment allowance schemes, MIA and VAMIL.
    • MIA: the investment allowance for FEV is 36% and for PHEV (gasoline fueled) it is 27%. When you want to make use of the MIA, remember that the maximum sale price is €50.000 for a FEV and €35.000 for a PHEV.
    • VAMIL: investment allowance for charging stations. You can deduct 75% of the total investment on the condition that the amount of the investment is higher than €2.500.

What kind of charging station would be suitable for my office?

The right charging solution depends on the power connection you have and your energy consumption. Your installer can give a technical advice which charging station will suit your situation best. In this way you will get a safe installation and prevent situations like a power outage. Depending on the location you can choose a wall mounted or a pedestal. If your office location is public accessible we recommend you choose a heavy duty charging station with IK classification 10. These charging stations can be connected to E-Flux.

What are the fees I have to pay when using a E-Flux subscription for my charging station?

If you use the E-Flux back office for your charging station(s) you’ll pay a subscription fee. For business locations we have the Smart Business subscription. The fee starts from €2,5 a month per socket (3-year subscription). There is also a free subscription available. Then we will reserve a small tariff on the guest usage of the charging station. With this free subscription you can lower your monthly costs.

How does the management platform for charging stations work?

If we connected your charging station you will receive login credentials for your own E-Flux account. You can add colleagues and give them access to price setting, whitelist, reservations. E-Flux will handle all the payments, reimbursements and support.

I want to charge multiple cars at the same time, but my power connection is limited. How can I make this work?

Charging multiple cars at the same time on a limited power connection can cause power outage. But it is possible to charge on a smart way in a Smart Grid. The physical limit of the power connection will be set in the software platform of E-Flux. An external meter will be installed between the fuse box and charging stations. The real time data of available power will be communicated to the software platform of E-Flux. The power delivered by the charging stations will be adapted based on this realtime information.

Can my employees charge for free at my charging station?

Yes it is possible to make a whitelist. You can add employees to this list with their mobility card number. The charging station that is connected to your E-Flux account recognizes the RFID code and your employee will not be charged for the session. Do you want us to take care of this? This is possible, but we charge a fee: €2.50 per employee and €5 for a total upload file. Mentioned prices exclude VAT.

How can I change or stop my charging station subscription?

Our subscriptions have a duration of 1, 2 or 3 years. It is not possible to stop this in the meantime. You can change your subscription form, for example, you can switch from a fixed-rate plan to a flexible-rate plan. Please note, there are costs associated with changing your subscription. This applies for both the charge card and the charging plans.

What is a CPO?

CPO is short for Charge Point Operator, the organization that is responsible for the management of charging stations. This is different than the owner of a charging station, because the Operator runs the management platform that connect all the charging stations. Also support, payment traffic, invoicing and interoperability are proceedings of an Operator.

What is a MSP?

A Mobility Service Provider (MSP), provides mobility cards that can be used for charging electric vehicles. With an RFID chip the card makes connection with the charging station. E-Flux is both CPO and MSP.

How is the installation, service and maintenance arranged?

E-Flux does not supply charging stations, but only the backoffice. Do you already have a home installer? Then we would like to talk with him to give you the best advice. It is important that the installation and technical advice is carried out by a recognized installer. First-line support can be picked up by E-Flux. We have a 24/7 helpdesk. But you can also choose to pick this up within your own support team. From the platform of E-Flux you can provide support at the touch of a button, such as ending a charging session if someone has lost their card, or disconnecting a charging cable.

What is the importance of a management system?

With a backoffice you have the possibility to allow visitors to pay for their charging sessions. With E-Flux you can set your own charging rates. Because our platform works independently of the charging station, you are free to choose a brand and type of charging station. Providing support is also easy. This way you can disconnect a charging cable at the touch of a button when it is stuck.

What is OCPP?

OCPP is short for Open Charge Point Protocol. A communication protocol specialy designed for charging stations of electric vehicles. Implementing this protocol into charging stations makes it possible to register and handle payments of charging sessions. Charging Stations that can connect to the OCPP protocol are suitable for a connection with E-Flux.