The rise of the electric car has started years earlier. But now also car share & rental companies are investing in EVs. This gives you the opportunity to drive a brand new Jaguar I-Pace. Prices start from €0,19/minute. In this article we give you an overview of available options.

SIXT-share – 100% electric

International mobility provider SIXT launched their brand new car sharing service “SIXT-share” last June. In the mobile app you can select a car in your near and book it. Only available in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. It is also possible to drop the car off at one of the SIXT locations in The Netherlands.

The cars that are available on SIXT-share are 100% electric. The models that people can use are: Jaguar I-Pace, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Seat Mii, Skoda CITIgo and the Volkswagen e-Golf from €0,19 per minute.


Most of you know the famous CAR2GO Smart in the streets. SHARE NOW operates in several European countries and provides electric cars from €0,19/minute. Their pricing also contains day prices, in case you need the car longer. EVs which you can book in the SHARE NOW: Smart, BMW i3.

Fetch – Renault ZOE

With Fetch you can drive around in a Renault ZOE, all across the city of Amsterdam. You pay €0,30/minute or €15,60 per hour or €78 per day.

Felyx – e-scooters

Different from a car, but same electric engine: Felyx offers e-scooters as transport method in cities. Available in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Brussels. Rates are similar to the car sharing platforms: €0,30/minute and for parking you pay €0,10/minute.

Experience electric driving yourself

With all these options for car sharing you can easily try out electric driving. You will have a whole new experience when it comes to driving though: futuristic features, rapid acceleration, comfort and silence.

Convinced to go all electric?

Had a ride in one of the electric share-cars and you want to purchase one? E-Flux can help you with the next step such as charge cards, reimbursements and charging station. Besides this E-Flux offers charge cards. You can charge wherever and whenever you want for only € 2.95 per month incl. VAT. Do you want to gain insight into your brand-new charging station at home? E-Flux offers back office plans. With these plans, the costs can be reimbursed with your employer and you receive 24/7 support.

Need inspiration for an electric car? View the most popular EV models with the corresponding charging solution here.

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