“We want to be zero emission by 2025

Town hall of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is leading in the field of electric driving. In 2016 they won the E-Visionary award for the European city with the best vision in the field of electric transport. The goal of the city is to be emission-free in 2025. Today there are 19,000 EV drivers, 550 e-taxis and 300 Car2Go's around. And all these electric vehicles can charge at 2,040 charge points.

Privileges for entrepreneurs and residents

Amsterdam stimulates electric driving for entrepreneurs and residents. For example, residents that drive an electric car are first in line for a parking permit. This is very stimulating, given that the waiting time for a permit sometimes contains more than two years. Taxi drivers that drive an EV can benefit of good locations to pick up passengers, and from 2018 only electric taxis are allowed at touristic locations like Leidseplein and Central Station.

Entrepreneurs can receive grants:

  • Small delivery vans: € 5,000
  • Passenger cars for business use: € 5,000
  • Truck / bus: 20% of the purchase value, a maximum of € 40,000.

Environmental zones

On the other hand, polluting vehicles are excluded from the city by setting up environmental zones. The city has set up environmental zones for delivery vans, trucks, taxis, scooters, buses and passenger cars. Do you enter the environmental zone with a polluting vehicle? Then you get a fine.

Use data to design a functional infrastructure network

But how do you structure the charging infrastructure in a good way? In collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the city analyzes all the charge data. The charging infrastructure can be optimally arranged when using this data. As a city you can place charging stations at locations where there are a lot of electric vehicles. It is important to have a reliable charging infrastructure, because this will stimulate further growth of electric transport.

Success formula

  • Make electric driving attractive for residents and entrepreneurs

  • Set up environmental zones to keep out polluting vehicles

  • Collaborate with startups that design new sustainable concepts

  • Set up the charging infrastructure based on data

  • Introduce financial benefits and privileges for taxi companies

  • Invest in new charging stations to increase a reliable charging infrastructure

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