Set up the ideal EV charging solution for an apartment complex

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Do you have your own house and possibility to install a charging point? This can be easily arranged. But in cities it is much more common that people live in an apartment complex. How do you deal with residents and visitors that drive in an electric vehicle? What are possible charging solutions and ways to handle payments? In this case an Owners Association of an apartment complex request charging stations. Together with an installer we offered support in this project.

Set expectations and wishes

Together with the house installer we looked at the starting points. The most important part of this session was that the limitations of the current electrical installation were not considered, but the expectations and wishes in the coming two years in the field of electric charging. Such as: how many residents drive hybrid or electric at the moment? How many visitors will charge? Do the charging stations have to be public so every EV driver can use them?

Smart Grid for optimal charging

Next step contains technical requirements. The installer checks what can be installed on the existing power connection. On the 3-Phase connection (3 * 80A) the five desired charging points can only be installed when using a Smart Charging functionality. Static load balancing is organized in the E-Flux system. The capacity of the charging stations never exceed the maximum capacity of the main connection. Then we looked at the assembly. We have chosen 3 charging stations with 2 sockets to be placed on the parking lot. In the case of this assembly it is more efficient to establish a connection with sim. It is important that the GSM connection at the location where the charging stations are installed is sufficient.

Select charging station? Choose IK-10

For publicly accessible locations, it is important to install a charging station that is duty-proof. IK10 is the highest level for impact protection and is mandatory for public charging stations. Make sure you always check which authority has done the inspection. A reputable European institution is an advantage to ensure that the charging station is actually IK10.

You set up the rate. We handle everything.


Make a plan

Who drives in an EV? Are there more residents that are planning to drive electric within one year? Are the cars fully electric or hybrid. Make a plan which contains all necessary information. This is important to determine if the main connection will be sufficient.

Electrical installation

Check with an installer if the current main connection delivers enough power to charge the EVs. When you have to install a higher connection the kWh-rate will drop.

EV-driver buys charging station

EV-driver can choose freely which charging station will be installed. E-Flux can connected with several charging models. If the parking spot has been bought by the resident he or she will pay for the charging station too.

Installation costs

The installation costs dedicated for the charging station will be paid by the resident. Common costs can be shared with other residents.

Settlement of costs

Association of Owners gets access to the E-Flux back office where they can set the kWh-rate per station. The EV Drivers will be invoiced every month through the service provider. After collection the money will be transferred to the bank account of the Association of Owners.

Support and management

Once the charging stations have been installed and the management system has been set up, a situation can occur where support is needed. E-Flux is always the first point of contact. Our helpdesk is available 24/7 and will help with basic actions like: unlock the cable, stop a charging session etc.

If the charging station continues to malfunction due to a hardware problem, we will proceed to the installer. The installer has made agreements with the residents about the service level.

Maintenance contract VVE

To ensure that everything is well maintained, the installer also included the charging stations in the maintenance contract with the Association of Owners. In this way, the charging stations and the connection are periodically checked by the installer.

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