Norway embraces the electric car

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Norway is working hard to become number 1 in the field of electric driving. 20% of the cars on the road are electric, while this was only 1% 6 years ago. How did this rapid growth come about, and what can other countries and governments learn from this?

Time for change

Those who think of Norway will see Fjords, waterfalls and plenty of natural beauty for themselves. Thanks to all hydropower plants, the country can meet its electricity needs without coal-fired plants. Norway is powered by nature. But during a cold day, a thick blanket of smog remains hanging over Oslo. And something had to be done about that.

Electric car in the bus lane

Electric driving is made financially attractive in Norway by exemption from VAT, toll and road tax. But the real breakthrough came when electric cars were allowed to ride in the bus lane. EV drivers can thus avoid traffic jams, which sometimes saves 30 minutes of travel time. Additionally, they can park and charge for free in Oslo. To finance all these measures, driving a fuel car is made more expensive. And that makes it increasingly more attractive to drive electrically.

Improve public charging

Despite the rapid growth of electric cars, there are still few public charging points in Norway. Many people charge their cars at home or at work, but not everyone has the option to charge at home. This will soon improve with the legislation that is being introduced. New apartment complexes have to install a charging facility at half of the parking places.


• No VAT on the purchase of an electric car
• Exemption from toll and road tax
• Free loading and parking
• Driving in the bus lane
• Ban of sale fuelled cars from 2025

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