“The cooperation with E-Flux is pleasant, we help each other to increase market share”. – Webasto

‘Can you describe the company?’

Hans: ‘’Webasto is a global innovative system partner to almost all automobile manufacturers and is among the top 100 suppliers in this sector worldwide.

In our core business areas of sunroofs, panorama roofs, convertible roofs and parking heaters we have consistently set trends in technology and design. With electric heating systems, charging solutions and battery systems we are also addressing the growth market of electromobility.

We are present where our customers need us. The Webasto Group, headquartered in Stockdorf near Munich, has over 50 locations around the world – with over 30 of these being manufacturing plants.

Sustainability is a key aspect of future mobility. Among others, this includes reducing fuel consumption and the use of alternative drive systems. To this end, we offer automobile manufacturers and end customers innovative technologies and products. Learn more about our sustainability policy here.’’

‘When was Webasto introduced into this market?’

Hans: ‘’Our introduction to the eMobility market was in 2017 during ECOMobiel. After our successful debut we went on to experience many more unforgettable launches and memorable moments and right now the Webasto charge points are a fixed name in the EV-market.’’

‘What is Webasto’s Product Range?’

Hans: ‘’Webasto’s charging solutions can be found near residences or businesses (semi-public). Webasto differentiates in two versions: offline (not connected) and online (connected). The offline charging point (Pure) starts charging as soon as the cable is connected to the car. The online or connected charging point (Live) generally has a link to an eMobility platform that can release the charging process by means of a charge pass, app or tag. This charge point can adjust their charging capacity to the available capacity of the electricity network (dynamic load management). Every unit can in turn also optimally and dynamically control a series of charging points and divide the total power over the different stages. (load balancing/smart charging). If desired the charge point can utilize the power generated by your solar panels to charge your EV or ensure that the car is only charged while the solar panels are generating power.

All Webasto connected charging points are always connected to the Webasto cloud. This means that Webasto knows the charging status, charging history and the logfiles of each and every one of their charging points. This information is available for free for the owner of the charging point but is also available for service providers who offer additional services (bill settlement, 24/7 service) like E-Flux. ‘’

‘In what countries do you operate and how do you distribute your products? (BtC, distributor, installer)’

Hans: ‘’Webasto operates all over Europe, the USA and Asia. The products are made available through various channels. Directly through an online shop in Germany, through resellers, suppliers and installers.’’

‘How did you get in touch with E-Flux and what made you decide to collaborate with E-Flux?’

Hans: ‘’Our contact with E-Flux originated in 2018 through Libra. Libra told us about a promising company they had started working with and we were intrigued. Turns out it was a great move to collaborate as we are very compatible with each other.’’

‘Can you describe the experience/collaboration of E-Flux and Webasto?’

Hans: ‘‘We’re so enthusiastic about the collaboration with E-Flux! E-Flux employees are very set on providing the best service possible. We work hard to assist each other from both sides and together we enlarge and strengthen the market share!’’  

How would Webasto rate E-Flux?

–      Service: 9
–      Employee contact: 9
–      Technical knowledge: 9
–      Availability: 9

‘What product developments are on the roadmap?’

Hans: ‘’This month we’ll launch the newest version of the Pure charge point, the Pure-II, along with a slim and well-priced mounting column. In February we’ll launch ChargeConnect for and with the Live. In April we’ll release the Next (a smart charging point for consumers).’’

‘Would you recommend E-Flux to your customers?’

Hans: ‘’I would most definitely recommend E-Flux to my customers. The subscription costs are enticing and the organization behind the platform is strong and service oriented.’’

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