E-Flux customers can now use their mobility card or tag at Fastned locations. With this agreement, E-Flux expands the charge network with 237 fast charging points in the Netherlands. From this total, 13 locations are equipped with 175kW DC charging stations which are suitable for most new EVs that can charge at higher DC power.

Charging tariff of €0,29/kWh
E-Flux introduces a promotion tariff for charging at Fastned locations. Customers that have an Orange card (€2,95 incl. VAT per month) with a duration of 12 months can charge at €0,29/kWh excl. VAT with a limit of 50kWh per card a month. Above 50kWh the regular tariff of €0,49/kWh excl. VAT will be calculated. This promotion tariff is valid until 1st of November. E-Flux customers can switch from their current plan to the Orange 12-month subscription. Adding the E-Flux card into the Fastned app will soon be available.

Complete network
With this contract, E-Flux members are able to charge at any public charging station located in the Benelux. Also in Germany the network is complete thanks to a cooperation with Ladenetz, a network of more than 149 local utility companies.

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