Feel free to control your own EV management

With our eMobility platform you are able to manage all the EV charging needs of your company from one platform. The unique thing about the platform is its independency. This makes it possible to combine several charge point brands while still having the ability to manage it from a single platform. This gives you freedom to choose a brand without being stuck to it in the future. That’s the power of E-Flux!


Manage all the charging stations at the office and those at home.


Automatic payout and billing services.


The ability to combine and manage charge stations of differing brands.


Set different rates for visitors and employees.


24/7 helpdesk support by E-Flux.

Step-by-step plan

Employer | Freelancer | Private individual

The first step towards the eMobility platform is creating an account by going to the registration page. This has to be done by the person who is becoming the owner/admin of the main account. In the case of a company this is the employer (like in the example below) that is subsequently able to invite employees. Are you a freelancer or a private individual that is utilizing the platform? In that case you will become account owner/admin of the main account yourself. For HOA’s the sign-up process is a bit different check our HOA page for more information.


Are you an employee and do you want automatic reimbursement of charging costs by your employer? The employer first needs to create a business account, from there it can send an invitation to the employees by e-mail. Go to the registration page to see the steps.

Step 1

Create an account

The employer creates a business account for the organisation as a whole. From there employees can be invited.

Step 2

Register charge stations

When you are in the account, you can register the charge stations that you want to manage based on their serial numbers.

Step 3

AC or DC charge station

Both AC and DC charge stations can be registered. The rates for these charge stations differ. Check the rates below.

Step 4

Customize platform

Invite employees to register their charge stations at home, set rates and order charge cards.

What are the rates?

When you make use of our eMobility platform to manage your charging stations, you pay based on the number of charge stations that you manage or more accurately the number of sockets that you manage. Here we differentiate between AC and DC charge points (standard charge points vs fast chargers). The rates between both types differ. There is no difference in price between separate brands.

AC Charge point

Standard Charge point

€4,84 incl. VAT per month

Connection fee per charge point: €14,95 incl. VAT

DC Charge point

Fast Charger

€11,50 incl. VAT per month

Connection fee per charge point: €24,95 incl. VAT

*Do you for example manage 4 AC charge points with a single socket, then your bill will be (4 x 4,84) = €19,36 incl. VAT per month.
*The subscription period is 24 months.

The independency of E-flux

Because of the independency of our platform, you are able to combine different charge point brands. Combine brand A with brand B, but also standard charge points with fast chargers. Everything will be united and can be managed from one platform. In the company account, you can easily register charge points, invite employees so that they can register their charge points, and order charge cards. Each month you will receive an invoice with the subscription costs and a ‘self-billing’ invoice with reimbursements for the visitors that charged.


Companies that already use MultiTankcard can also use the service of E-Flux. Employees will receive an E-Flux charge tag and their charge point at home will be managed through our eMobility platform. The charge sessions will be automatically settled with MTc and everything will be combined into one invoice.

Click on the brand to view products

Auto thuis laden

E-Flux for private use

With E-Flux you’re always assured of an excellent service. Carefree charging we call it. If you encounter any problems with your charge point you can always consult our 24/7 helpdesk support. Whether you have a technical issue or would like help with installing your charge point, we are always there to help. When your charge point is connected to our platform you can determine whether guests can charge for free or for a certain rate. We automatically reimburse what is charged on a monthly basis. Would you like more information about E-flux at home?

Your installer also has access to your charge points, which means that they can provide service from a distance.


Why choose E-Flux

E-Flux is the only solution that offers 100% brand-independence. Our motto is ‘Feel Free’, and we take this mindset very seriously. The E-Flux eMobility platform can be linked to 19 different brands of charge points and charge points that are connected to our eMobility platform accept 28 different charge cards. This ensures that you can build the solution that fits you, your company and your employees!

Why do you need an eMobility platform?

When your chargepoint is connected to the E-Flux eMobility platform, the possibility arises to automatically settle your charging costs with your employer and allow for guest use at your charge point. The platform opens up the possibility to grant remote support when the charge point malfunctions. Our clients can rely on 24/7 support; 95% of the time we can solve problems remotely. This way you’ll waste little time before getting back on the road!

Which charge cards can charge at charge points that run the E-Flux platform?

When business connections visit your company, you want them to be able to charge their EV at your chargepoints, no matter what kind of charge card they own. E-Flux has roaming connections with 28 different service providers! This ensures that over 1 million charge cards can start a charging session at a charge point that is connected to the E-Flux eMobility platform. Bonus advantage: Because your employees obviously all have an E-Flux charge card within reach, they get a €0.02 discount per kWh compared to individuals with a different charge card.

Service providers that collaborate with E-Flux are: AllegoBluecornerCharge ITDigital Charging SolutionsEnBWEcotapEnecoEVBOXFastnedFlow ChargingGreenflux/JoulzIonityJustpluginLadenetzLast mile solutionsMKB brandstofMobility+MoobiMultiTankcardNewmotionPorscheQ8Service House TrafineoTravelcardVandebronVattenfallXXIMO

Which brands of charge points can be linked to the E-Flux eMobility platform?

E-Flux is the only eMobility platform provider that is completely brand-independent. Considering the many ways our amazing platform caters to EV-drivers, it is of the greatest importance that it is supported by as many charge point brands as possible. We obviously want the majority of drivers to be able to switch to the E-Flux eMobility platform! As of now, the E-Flux platform can be connected to the following charge point brands: ABB – Alfen – Circontrol – Delta – EATON – Efacec – eNovates – Etrel – EVBOX – Flexicharge – Hypercharger – KEBA – Schneider – Tritium – vanderSijs techniek en automatisering bv – Wallbox – Webasto – XCharge – ZAPTEC.