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Chargepoints in Europe

3 steps away from a seamless charging experience

Step 1: Order your card

  • When you charge often: Orange €2.95 p/m
  • When you charge occasionally: Orange pay-as-you-charge and pay €0,29 per session

Step 2: Activate your card

  • Order before 04:00 pm for next day delivery
  • Activate the card directly in your E-Flux account

Step 3: Ready to charge!

  • See all sessions in your account via the mobile/Webapp
  • Invoicing per month with the charge costs

Only benefits

Reimburse charge costs with your company or employer

Pay only €2,95 per month or €0.29 per session

Order before 4 pm for next day delivery

Monthly invoice with specification. 100% VAT proof

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E-Flux mobile app

Free download of the E-Flux mobile app in the App Store and Google Playstore

Check out all public chargers and availability
Navigate to locations
View your charge sessions and invoices
Update your account details
Filter on plug type and power

Charge at home

Looking for a charge solution at home? We can help you together with our partners. Check out which solution suits your EV best.

More information

What does it cost to charge my car?

Check out all the rates of public charging stations.

Go to charge rates

How does charging work?


Look for an available charging station with our mobile app


Swipe the card in front of the scanner. The session will start and your cable will be locked.


Connect the cable in the socket of the charging station


Ready to go? Swipe the card and the cable will unlock.

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