E-Flux Charge cards.

Charge at low costs.

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Charging points available for the E-Flux EV Driver

We have two subscriptions for charge cards. Which one is most advantageous for you depends on your charging behaviour.

Always cancelable on a monthly basis. Order today delivered tomorrow.

Free plan 

only pay when using the card: €0,15 incl. VAT per session

Fixed plan

pay a fixed fee of €2,95 incl. VAT a month. No additional costs per session.

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Charging in the Benelux and Germany. Also with fast chargers such as Fastned, Allego.

24/7 support for our customers

Navigate to nearby charging stations with E-Flux app

With the E-Flux app you can:

Overview charge locations accessible with the E-Flux card

Navigate to charge locations

See your own charge sessions

View account details and download invoices

Filter by plug-type and power