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Delta Electronics is one of the largest providers of Power Electronics. Delta produces AC and DC chargers in the e-mobility industry.

The product portfolio is particularly interesting in the DC area: Delta DC Wallbox 25kW that is suitable for business locations and fast charging of electric cars that charge on 1-phase. The large DC chargers from Delta range from 50 - 150kW. The AC chargers from Delta are only suitable for a 1-phase connection.

The E-Flux eMobility platform is suitable for Delta DC chargers. The platform makes it possible to set a price which can be arranged with the users. In addition, 24/7 support is provided and the firmware can be updated remotely.


First-line help desk support is provided by E-Flux 24/7. The installer is the second line, who can get in contact with Delta or E-Flux for hardware issues. Please contact E-Flux when it’s a Wallbox via E-Flux station.

Compatible with E-Flux

  • DC Wallbox
  • DC Quick Charger

Available at

  • Delta Electronics
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Delivered including E-Flux eMobililty platform

  • Automatic settlement of charging costs with resident and employer
  • 24/7 support with charging problems
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