Convert EV-BOX charging stations

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Existing EV-BOX charging stations can be connected to the E-Flux backoffice. If you want to expand your current charging network with more stations of a different brand, you still be able to manage all stations from one backoffice.

Because E-Flux provides an independent backoffice, you can manage different brands of charging stations from one account. Both single and multiple EV-BOX charging stations can be converted to the E-Flux backoffice.

Which EV-BOX can be converted?
All EV-BOX charging stations with a G3 modem can easily connected by changing the settings on location. If there is a master/slave installation, only the master needs to be connected to the backoffice. EV-BOX charging stations that were delivered at the end of 2017 usually have the G2 modem, which are more difficult to connect and are more expensive.

Why choose for the E-Flux back office?
E-Flux offers an independent solution which ensures flexibility. Expanding to a different charging station brand (AC and DC) is no longer a problem because E-Flux takes care of the management. In addition, we offer 24/7 help desk support to solve your problems from a distance. All charging sessions are registered and automatically settled by E-Flux.


First-line help desk support is provided by E-Flux 24/7. For hardware issues please contact the vendor.

Compatible with E-Flux

  • EV-BOX HomeLine
  • EV-BOX BusinessLine

Back office E-Flux

  • Automatic settlement of charging costs with resident and employer
  • 24/7 support with charging problems
  • View all sessions in the online portal
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