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An independent platform offers flexibility. It will give you the freedom to choose a charging station that fits your needs. There are different EVs which have all different requirements when it comes to charging stations. Other factors that have influence on the choice of a charging station are: electrical capacity and smart charging. To make the right choice and to be guaranteed of a safe installation, technical advice of an installation company is essential.

What is important

when choosing a charging station?

  • Location: residential, company or public. For a public space it’s important to choose a charging station that is resistant against vandalism.
  • Power connection: there are single phase or three phase charging stations.
  • The type of car that is being charged: a completely electric car needs a charging station with more capacity than a hybrid car.
  • Communication protocol: Through protocols like OCPP, OCPI, OCHP the charging station can communicate with a management system or back office. This enables functionalities like price setting, monitoring, smart charging and remote support. Not every charging station has a communication protocol, so it is important to check this.

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Charging stations for home, office or public locations. We also have a fast charging solution. Including back office for rates, guest use and remote configuration.
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If you are not able to charge your electric vehicle at home we can help you with requesting a public charging station.
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