Get the most out of your charging station

Feel Free!

With a back office you can easily allow guest to charge at your charge station. Also you can settle costs with your employer. On every subscription we offer 24/7 support. Check your ideal subscription.

Charging at home

Charging at office and public

Charging at apartments (HOA)

How does the back office subscription work?

You can compare a charging station to your phone. In order to exchange data with the E-flux platform, a sim card will be installed inside the charging station. Another option is to connect to a fixed cable (LAN). The E-Flux back office is only applicable for unlocked and simfree charging stations. After the subscription has ended, you’re free to switch to a different provider.

You can request a subscription in three steps

For both new and already installed charging stations, you can switch to the E-Flux back office. The procedure is simple, and contains the following steps:


Request a subscription on our website


Installation of the charging station

Installer will install the charging station with subscription (Sim- or LAN-connection)

Activation by E-Flux.

You will receive login details for your E-Flux account per e-mail and you will be able to see all data online.

Set up kWh-rate

You decide what you want to receive per kWh. We will transfer the costs on monthly base to your bank account.