Automatic settlement of charging costs. The charging solution for apartments.

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This is our HOA subscription

In our subscription there are no costs for the HOA, but only for the resident that uses the charging station. We connect the charging stations with the E-Flux back office. All charging sessions will be registered. You can set the kWh-rate. E-Flux will invoice the resident for the charged power. The reimbursement for these costs will be transferred to the bank account of the HOA. We always offer 24/7 on charging stations connected to our platform.

Costs of the subscription

Backoffice with E-Flux card: €5.50 per month

If the resident uses an E-Flux charge card the total cost for the subscription and use of the card is €5.50 excl. VAT per month. This also includes use of the card on public charging stations. We send an invoice to the resident every month. One time connection fee of €9.95 incl. VAT per station.

Backoffice with other card

If the resident uses a different charge card, the rate we will charge is €0.02/kWh without a maximum. The set rate will be increased with €0.02 excl. VAT. Total costs (kWh charged * rate) will be invoiced to the card provider. One time connection fee of €9.95 incl. VAT per station.

How do we request the subscription?

  • The HOA can request this subscription by filling in the form. We will charge €0.02/kWh excl. VAT to the resident that uses the charge station, unless they will request the HOA-card subscription. Then they will pay €5.50 excl. VAT per month.
Request resident HOA charge card