Within Europe, Dutch companies are leaders when it comes to developments in the EV sector. The number of electric cars in Europe has increased considerably in recent years. More and more companies are becoming active in this market, for example manufacturers or software development companies.

Over the past 2 years, sales in the Dutch EV market have increased by 44% to 1.3 billion euros. This has led to a considerable growth in the number of jobs in this sector, currently there are around 4290. According to future predictions, the Netherlands will need 1.7 million charging points by 2030. This offers many economic opportunities for all companies that are active in this market. Dutch companies in particular are world leaders when it comes to design, developing and offering charging infrastructure. Did you know that the standard for communication (OCPP) has been developed by Dutch authorities?

Innovation goes international

How is this growth achieved? Next to the huge investments that are made in the car industry for the production of electric cars, investments are made in charging infrastructure. And these investments are necessary to develop a good and reliable charging network. More than 9% of the total number of public charging points is located in the Netherlands. 

Software for charging locations: essential in the transition

In addition to hardware, software plays an important role in this transition. Software makes communication possible between car and charging station. Charging sessions can be registered and settled, but also remote support actions are available. This saves time and money when it comes to maintenance. Without good and reliable software, the charging infrastructure lacks efficiency and functionality.

Independent backoffice solution

E-Flux specializes in the backoffice solution for charging stations. The backoffice programmed to be hardware independent. This means that it can be connected to any charging station brand with OCPP. E-Flux already has connections with (fast) chargers from: ABB, Alfen, Circontrol, Delta, Ecotap, eNovates, Keba, Zaptec, Eaton and EVBox.

When the charging station is connected, sessions will be registered and the owner can fill in charge rates. E-Flux handles the billing automatically with guests or employer. In the extensive Technical Portal all sorts of support actions can be executed remotely. E-Flux offers helpdesk support 24/7.

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