MultiTankcard and E-Flux have confirmed their cooperation with regard to the automatic settlement of charging costs. With this combined service, charging sessions (at home or at public stations) of MTc customers can be settled by the E-Flux back office. The perfect solution for electric fleets.

All transactions of your fleet on one invoice

E-Flux provides a back office solution to registrate and invoice charging sessions on both private and public charging stations. With thise service we can invoice charging costs to the employer. Companies that already make use of the MTc platform for mobility transactions, can now add the E-Flux service to handle all the charging costs of electric business cars. MTc will send an E-Flux charge tag, which can be used to charge the car at more than 40,000 locations. In case the employee charges the car at home, E-Flux will registrate all the sessions and together with MTc invoices this to the (lease) company.

All the flexibility and service you need

Many companies, including car leasing companies, use the MTc platform. E-Flux offers an independent back office. This means that different brands of charging points can be linked for the registration and settlement of charging sessions. This gives flexibility to the company, because it allows the company to choose from different charging solutions. And together with MTc, E-Flux can provide all the services that is desired by fleet managers and car leasing companies.

Low cost. Only € 5.50 per month

For € 5.50 excl. VAT per month, MTc customers can use the E-Flux service. This subscription includes:

  • Subscription for automatic settlement of charging costs at home for the employees
  • Public use of the charge tag (+40,000 charge points)
  • 24/7 support
  • Insight in charging sessions and costs via MTc account
  • One-billing invoicing via MTc

MultiTankcard (MTc)
MTc is the company behind MultiTankcard, the fuel pass for much more than just refueling. MTc authorizes, processes and invoices all transactions in the field of mobility. The number of transport products and services is being expanded step by step. Innovative technologies and cooperation with excellent partners increase the ease of use for employer and employee and make MTc a leading mobility partner.

E-Flux provides an independent management system for charging stations and charging cards for every possible location: home, business, public and on the road. E-Flux wants to accelerate growth towards a sustainable world by developing flexible charging solutions for electric mobility.

Already using MTc and looking for a more affordable and flexible charging solution? Let us know.

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Charge Card Portal

Do you have an E-Flux mobility card? Then you can access this portal for an overview of charging sessions and charge locations.

Technical Portal

Technical details of charging stations are accessible in the Technical Portal. Also remote support, tickets and update of firmware are available in the portal. Specially developed for technical staff.

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