Which tariffs do I pay for charging my car?

Feel Free!

With the E-Flux mobility card you can charge at almost any public charge point. You can choose a free card, for which you pay transaction costs of €0,15 incl. VAT. If you charge more often you can choose our fixed subscription for €2,95 a month incl. VAT.
Every month you will receive an invoice with all the charging sessions. You can find the tariffs of all the charge point operators on this page.

Tariffs per operator. All include VAT. You can find the prices in the E-Flux app under FAQ.

Note: if you use the Orange Free! card you pay  €0,15 transaction costs incl. VAT.

Allego Fast charging

• Standard tariff: €0,69/kWh

• Overschiestraat 172, Amsterdam (2x) €0,36/kWh

• Hobbemakade 100, Amsterdam (2x) €0,36/kWh

• Amsterdam Centraal Station (alleen taxi’s) €0,36/kWh

• Raadhuisplein 87, Krimpen aan de IJssel €0,40/kWh

• Struytse Hoeck 62 across BCC, Hellevoetsluis – transaction costs €2,25 and €0,30 per minute

• Mister Green: Rijksweg A12, Shell Haarrijn, Harmelen €0,49/kWh

Allego other locations (companies, hotels etc.)

• Standard: €0,39/kWh

Allego public locations:

• Standard tariff: €0,34/kWh

• City of Arnhem: €0,31/kWh

• City of Almere: €0,31/ kWh

Allego Belgium

• AC charging: max €0,39/kWh

• DC charging: max €0,69/kWh

Allego Germany

Note: the owner of the charging station can calculate extra costs

• Per charging station €7,50

Ecotap / Last Mile Solutions / Charge Point

• Variating kWh tariff per charge station

• Max. €0,47/kWh

• Max. €0,21 per minute

• Max. €0,64 start tariff

Ladenetz (Germany)

• AC charging: €0,48/kWh

• AC charging: €1,19/hour

• DC charging from 22KW: €0,50 per minute

• DC charging below 23KW: €0,25 per minute


• €0.35/kWh

• €0.60 start tariff


• €0,34/kWh


• €0,36/kWh for AC-charging

• €0,65/kWh for DC-charging

PitPoint MRA Regio Amsterdam

• Off-peak 20:00 – 17:00 €0,32/kWh

• Peak 17:00 – 20:00 €0,34/kWh

PitPoint Brussels

• €0,3605/kWh (minimum 5kWh per session)


• Standard tariff: €0.22/kWh

• Nuon Noord-Brabant and Limburg: €0.22/kWh

• Nuon Utrecht: €0.33/kWh

• Nuon fast chargers McDonalds: €0.55/kWh


• Nuon Haarlemmermeer: €0,30/kWh

• Nuon Amsterdam: €0,31/kWh

• Nuon Den Haag: €0,30/kWh

Fastned (DC Charging)

• €0,59/kWh


• Average €0,34/kWh (Flexibel pricing with 8% markup fee to other MSPs)


• Business locations €0,29 – €0,36 / kWh

• Fast chargers ANWB: start rate €2,42 + €,0,30/kWh

• Belgium: €0,33/kWh + €0,02/minute

Mister Green (Allego)

• €0,69/kWh

New Motion

• AC: €0,31/kWh

• AC 43kW: €0,50/minute

• DC: €0,50/minute

*The prices are per 1-8-2018. Subject to changes. CPO can adjust rates at any moment, then prices are no longer up to date. E-Flux will at all times pass the price of the CPO to you as EV Driver one by one without incurring extra costs. After all, you already pay a fixed price for the use of your charge card