Contribution to the CO2 compensation

Since this week, E-Flux has become an official partner of TreesforAll, a Dutch organization that compensates CO2-emission by planting trees in the world.

“For us as an organization it is really important to operate as CO2-neutral as possible. Therefore, we were looking for an opportunity to do so. We believe in the mission of Trees for All, as a transparent way to contribute to the capture of CO2 emissions and protect wildlife. We start off with 100 trees that will be planted in the Dutch forests and the rainforest of Costa Rica,”
says Gina ter Heide (COO of E-Flux).

Protect the environment for wildlife and locals

Planting trees does not only reduce CO2 emissions. Forestation also protects the environment of many wild animals like jaguars and special bird species. In addition, the living conditions of the local population are greatly improved. As a charity, Trees for All complies with all the strict requirements that are set by CBF. This helps to ensure that your donation is in a safe and secure place.

Access to 170.000 charging points

With the E-Flux Mobility services EV-drivers have access to more than 170,000 charging points. The charge point owner determines what kind of electricity is used for charging cars, and therefore it is hard to track down what part comes from renewable energy sources. By donating trees E-Flux makes a start with the CO2 compensation of charged sessions by its customers.

E-Mobility solutions

E-Flux provides a Cloud solution that powers all EV charging solutions at any location. Already proud owner of an electric car? Check out our charge card and cloud platform for charge station management.

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