The article “New government subsidy for electric cars” already mentioned the subsidy that private individuals receive when purchasing a (new) electric car (till 45.000 euros). In this article, you find an overview about the costs of the cars, and information about the conditions (2020-2025). There are several scenarios you can think of when purchasing a (new) electric car. Are you going to buy it immediately or are you going to lease it? Will you buy the car in 2020 or in 2025? All these choices influence the purchase price.

Purchase an EV directly with a subsidy

If you pay the whole amount directly for the electric car, then you will immediately receive the government subsidy. The car must be in possession for at least three years however. If you buy a new car within these three years, you will pay a part of the subsidy back, unless it is an electric car again, because then the subsidy will not change.

Leasing EV with subsidy

Other conditions apply for leasing than for a direct purchase. If you decide to lease an electric car, the government pays an amount of €83, – per month for a period of 48 months until the total of 4,000 euros is reached. In addition, you must own the car for at least four years. If the lease ends within four years, the subsidy will stop, this amount must be paid back in monthly terms.

Subsidy decreases every year


Year 2020-2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
New €4.000 €3.700 €3.350 €2.950 €2.250
Occasion €2.000 €2.000 €2.000 €2.000 €2.000

Some examples per car:

Less than 20,000 euros

  • Renault Twingo ZE 22 kWh – regular price 22,000 euros, with subsidy 18,000 euros
  • Volkswagen e-Up 36.8 kWh – regular price 23,475 euros, with subsidy 19,475 euros

Less than 40.000 euros

Charging solution for your electric car

You need to charge an electric car. Do you own an electric car and want to charge your car at home? Then we advise you to purchase and install a charging station. You will pay a lower price for electricity at home than at public charging stations. Is it not possible to install a charging station at your house? Then you can request a public charge card from E-Flux. This way you can charge your car anywhere with an affordable price.

E-Flux offers a back office for charging stations. With E-Flux you always have 24/7 technical support for your charger. We can help you remotely at any time of the day. In addition, our back office offers insight into charging sessions and automatic settlement with employer or guests. The subscription is available from € 3, – per month.

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