Eleqtron and E-Flux have confirmed their cooperation with regards to the automatic settlement of charging costs. Thanks to the collaboration, the Zaptec charging stations (as part of the Qcharge total concept of Eleqtron) can now be used with any provider of charging cards. With the E-flux  back-office, charging costs are settled automatically and transparently. In addition, 24/7 support can be provided from the back office for charging problems. By doing this, Eleqtron and E-Flux unburden both the owner of the charging point, the Association of Owner’s-operator and the installer who places the charging station.

Nowadays, there is a lot to do with the charging of electric vehicles (EV) regarding the settlement of the costs. The cooperation of Eleqtron and E-Flux makes this is a thing of the past. E-Flux offers services that allow the charging station to be used by all EV drivers, and the costs are automatically settled with the owner of the charging point.

The installation and configuration of Zaptec becomes plug & play so that the installer is not wasting any extra time. After the installation, the charging station will be visible in the portal and the owner can set the agreed charging rates and see all the charging sessions.

Qcharge: scalable installation
Eleqtron has developed the Qcharge total concept for charging electric vehicles to realize a scalable installation. This means that the installation can be built up in steps. With a collective investment, all parking spaces are made 100% EV-ready, without increasing the grid connection. In the future, the user can then place a charging station quick and easy.

‘Collective charging is collective thinking’
Recent research shows, that by 2030 at least 1.8 million charging points in the Netherlands are necessary to recharge all electric cars. Apartment buildings are locations that are pre-eminently suitable for collective charging. After all, 85% of all charging takes place at home, with the advantage being that it can take place in the evening and at night. Eleqtron is responding to the rapidly increasing need for collective charging points by implementing Qcharge. In case of parking garages in an apartment complex (for an Association of Owners, in Dutch VvE) and at offices, these advantages are optimally used: ‘Collective charging is collective thinking.’

Eleqtron and Qcharge
With the Qcharge total concept, Eleqtron offers the advantages of dynamic charging in combination with a flat belt installation, a flexible form of energy distribution. For the Qcharge concept in the Netherlands, Eleqtron represents the manufacturer Zaptec from Norway, an innovative producer in charging technology for electric vehicles. With Qcharge, Eleqtron is using its prefab Qneqt flat cable from the Swiss manufacturer Woertz.

E-Flux provides an independent management system for charging stations and charging cards for every possible location: home, business, public and on the road. E-Flux wants to accelerate growth towards a sustainable world by developing flexible charging solutions for electric mobility. For Association of Owner’s, E-Flux has a special subscription, where the Association of Owner’s is not attached to monthly subscription costs.

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