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Benefits of driving electrically

Financial benefits

The total costs of electric driving will eventually be lower than driving on fossil fuels, because the maintenance costs are lower.  The drive of an electric car has less moving parts, causing the car to need less maintenance. ‘Fueling’ with an electric car is cheaper as well, sometimes even 40%.

There are different subsidies available for EV Drivers and entrepreneurs, which make electric driving even more appealing. Several benefits are: no road tax, lower additional tax and investment deduction regulation such as the MIA and VAMIL. This depends per country.

Environmental considerations

Road traffic provides for 23% of the total CO2 emission. With EVs less harmful gases are released. An electric car is more economical as well, and therefore better for the environment, even when the electricity isn’t sustainable. Furthermore, electric cars will play a big role in sustainable energy systems in the future.  The most important reasons to start driving electrically are listed below:

  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Clean and economical driving
  • Very quiet
  • Important role in energy systems

When you have purchased a charging station you are faced with several matters. You need to charge your car instead of refueling it. For this you need to own a charging station or request a public station in the neighborhood. An E-Mobility card is a must to charge your car at public stations.

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Enjoy the comforts that electrical driving offers you

E-Flux mobility card

Mobility cards make it possible to charge at public locations. These cards are issued by Mobility Providers, they will invoice you for all the sessions that are registered on your account. We offer Mobility cards with a fixed fee per month.

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Charging station with E-Flux

A charging station at home is convenient. Take advantage of a lower electricity tariff and charge your car. The next day you can hit the road with a fully charged battery. There are different brands of charging stations on the market. Pay attention to whether your charging station has the correct capacity, the type of car that can be charged with it and the communication protocol. E-Flux offers a management system that enables registration of charging sessions, payments and price setting, smart charging and remote support.

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