Good news for the EV enthusiast! In their latest research paper, issued by the RVO,  independent research agency CE Delft concludes that the EV is just as safe at a car that drives on fossil fuel. Reason for this investigation is the increased attention for the safety risk that the growing number of electric vehicles ‘causes.’

The electric car is increasing in popularity. For us at E-Flux, this is a great thing! We enjoy the fact that driving electric is financially interesting, but we love the positive impact that it has on the environment. All media attention the EV receives has not gone unnoticed and in September 2019 the Dutch parliament got involved and demanded more research on the safety of electric cars. This is actually a very good thing, since EV’s are getting increasingly more representation on the road, in parking garages and in residential area’s.

CE Delft’s reasearchpaper not only utilizes 280 scientific sources, but also boasts the result of 25 interviews with field experts. The main conclusion of the investigation is that EV’s do not pose a greater safetyrisk than cars with a combustion engine. This is partly because of the strict guidelines that are enforced on both electric cars and cars with a combustion engine. The result of this is that the risks posed by EV’s are generally equal to the risks posed by cars with a combustion engine.

The greatest safetyrisks that were unvealed by the researchpaper are a thermal runaway and – like in cars with combustion engines – fire in a parkinggarage. A thermal runaway is caused by overheating of the battery or internal resistance in the cells of the battery package, which results in fire and toxic fumes. CE Delft concluded that EV’s don’t pose a greater risk because of this, but do require a different intervention protocol. A fire caused by thermal runaway is best combatted with lots of water and before the car is towed in this situation, it should be clear where the battery package is located. However, EV’s do not combust at a higher frequencie than cars with a combustion engine.

The investigation is based on a complete safety overview. The researchers took all available information into consideration among which crash tests, fire safety, the consequences of battery damage and even the (lack of) sound of the engine. They also analyzed what would happen if the car were to be submerged in water, the intricate details of maintenance, the consequence of the expansion of the charging infrastructure and the risks involving an incident in a parking garage. In all subtopics the researchers came to the same conclusion. The electric vehicle does not pose more risk on the general safety than a car with a combustion engine.

We think this is fantastic news! This way the reasons not to switch to electric driving are depleting rapidly. If this article has inspired you like it did us; with the E-Flux charging pas you can charge your car at more than 200.000 chargingstations in the Netherlands and abroad! Curious what safe EV suits you best?  Check this page to find a complete summary of available cars and their charging solutions!

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