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Charge tags for automatic billing or whitelist.

Feel Free!

With the E-Flux card you can charge your car at E-Flux charging stations and stations of our roaming partners. All sessions will be registered in your account. Monthly we will bill the sessions. Every month we send an invoice to your e-mail address, which can be manually paid by bank transfer or credit card.

It is also possible to order tags for whitelist use. There is no automatic billing, but you have an overview of the usage per person. Only need tags for whitelist use? Please make your choice in the form below. E-Flux can add the tags on the whitelist for you. This saves you time.


• Automatic billing: 24,20 kr per month per tag

• Whitelist tag: 48,40 kr per tag

• Shipping: 48,40 kr per tag

Prices incl. 21% VAT.