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During a television show called Kassa/BNNVARA on the 22th of February the subject was: ‘Fire Hazard with an electric car’. The information in this show was not totally true.

Fire safety while charging EV’s in a parking garage

During a television show called Kassa/BNNVARA on the 22th of February the subject was: ‘Fire Hazard with an electric car’. The information in this show was not totally true.

Electric cars are extensively tested

During the tv-show, two battery fires were used as an example that did not go through a European Type of Approval Program as is the case with passenger cars, says Dutch Organization for Electric Transport (DOET) on its website.

Electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers pay close attention to the fire safety of their vehicles. For example, they are extensively tested before they go into production. They monitor this carefully even after production.

The effects of fire on a vehicle and battery pack are well known. That is why fireman no longer have to be reluctant to grant permits for charging stations in parking garages.

At the end of 2012 fire tests carried out by German expertise center DEKRA demonstrated that electric and hybrid vehicles with a lithium-ion battery are at least as safe as vehicles with petrol engines and conventional batteries. The flames and smoke development with burning batteries turned out to be significantly less than with petrol and diesel. The smoke from a battery fire can be toxic, so that the danger is comparable to fire with a combustion engine vehicle. In addition, the tests performed by DEKRA showed that the fire does not spread as quickly, because no flammable liquids leak from the lithium-ion batteries.

Charge safe

During a charge session, there are many factors that must be monitored by electronics designed specifically for each battery by the car manufacturer. Together with the inverter, these electronics form the battery charger. The battery charger is permanently installed in passenger cars and always have been extensively tested for a “type approval procedure” before the vehicle is allowed on public roads. It is also important to charge an electric or hybrid vehicle at all times at a charging station (mode 3), so that charging is carried out in a controlled and safe manner.

In case of electric vehicles that have not gone through this procedure, such as in the example of the tv-show with a golf cart, immediately indicates the dangers that can arise if the vehicle has not followed the standard procedure.

Source: RVO

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