From now onwards, charge points of Flexicharge can be connected to the E-Flux back office. With forces combined together, perfect AC en DC charge solutions for EVs can be provided for home, office and public locations. E-Flux takes care of the back office and services like remote support (24/7), automatic invoicing and interoperability.

Flexicharge: runner up in a fast-growing market.

Flexicharge has been active in the EV market since 2016. From 2019 they start developing a new production line of high-end charge points for electric vehicles like cars, motors and bicycles.

Flexicharge has strategic partners for engineering, assembly and component production. With this partnernetwork they can always provide the products, even if the market demand is rapidly rising. The combination of high-end components with modern design results in high-quality charge points, which are easy to install. With this strategy, Flexicharge guarantees quality and reliability. This will be of great importance with the expected market growth.

Reinier van den berg, founder Flexicharge

We have chosen for E-Flux, because they have a modern platform and a young dedicated organization. With E-Flux we found a partner that can provide a full-service charging solution.

With our partnership, we provide the owner of a charge point a complete solution. Furthermore, we offer convenience to our installation partners. The charge points can be easily installed and configured to the back office. All technical data can be viewed in the E-Flux back office. Configuration settings can be adjusted remotely.

Gina ter Heide, founder E-Flux

‘’With this partnership, we have added a new productline of AC and DC charging points to the list of compatible brands. Together with Flexicharge, we offer a total charging solution, where E-Flux takes care of the management, including 24/7 remote support, roaming and automatic invoicing of sessions.’’

‘’Flexicharge provides high-quality hardware and high-level service to their customers. This makes them the perfect partner. Together we will provide many customers with the best charging solution.’’

E-Flux: Full-service back office provider

E-Flux is a full-service back office provider. This means that E-Flux solely focusses on developing software for managing all sorts of charge points in the online platform. Next to this, E-Flux provides services to installation partners and end customers. Together with different kind of partners, E-Flux provides the total charging solution for home, office and on the road. From the HQ in Amsterdam, E-Flux serves more than 6.000 EV Drivers and 90 installation partners.

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