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Flexibility in charge solution

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Charging solution for limited power capacity

Are you an active member in a Homeowners Association? High chance that you are discussing the topic of charging stations. More and more people will drive an electric car. Therefore it is important to offer a flexibel charging solution in the apartment building for the residents.

If there is a parking garage with seperate parking spots, the resident can buy a charging station. E-Flux offers an eMobility platform that works with several charging stations. All charging stations can be controlled (pricing, sessions etc.) by the homeowners association. We will handle the settlement of costs and 24/7 support.

What are the costs of the E-Flux eMobility service?

Homeowners Association doesn’t have to pay a monthly fee. The resident (EV driver) will pay for the subscription on the charging station. E-Flux will invoice and settle the costs automatically every month. We always offer 24/7 support.

Yes we want to use E-Flux

We handle everything. You only set the price.


First check

How many residents drive an electric car? And who will drive one soon? What kind of charging behaviour (type of car, charge time etc.) do they have? This can have impact on the power connection.

Electrical installation

Together with an electrician the homeowners association needs to determine if the current power connection is sufficient.

Buy charging stations

Resident buys charging station. E-Flux can assist with making a choice. Residents with different brands? No problem, our system can be connected with multiple types (always contact us about this).


Installation of charging station by installed. This can be your home installer or one of our partners.

Settlement of charging costs

Homeowners Association has an account to set the pricing for the charging stations. Every month E-Flux sends an invoice to the residents and transfers the money to the bank account of the Homeowners Association.

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