Flexibel charging solution

suited for every resident of the apartment building.

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EV charging solutions for HOA residents

Are you moving to a home with a homeowners association? Then it will be very likely that at some point you have to think about EV charging stations. Every year more people switch to electric driving and therefore offering charging stations is also becoming more important.

What makes E-Flux interesting for HOA's

E-Flux offers an independent platform which is compatible with more than 20 charge-station-brands. When your HOA has charging stations in its common space, you want to be sure that the residents that actually use them are the ones that get the bill. You simply don’t want to pay for the energy that your neighbour uses. With our eMobility platform this can done. The platform keeps track of the energy usage and automatically sends and invoice to the residents with the charged costs. They will pay this to E-Flux, which will settle this with the HOA.

The benefits for HOA's

Fair and easy distribution of energy costs among users


Automatic settlement of energy costs between users of the charge-stations.


24/7 helpdesk support.


The possibility to combine several charge point brands.


Automatic settlement with your employer.


Allow guest usage.

How does it work?

  1. HOA administrator signs up, prior the residents.
  2. The HOA administrator receives an agreement, signs it and sends it back.
  3. After the installment of the charge points by the installer, E-Flux approves them before registration.
  4. The HOA registers the charge points.
  5. The HOA mails every resident with a charge station a form (weblink) for the payment of the subscription costs.
  6. The HOA receives the account details.
  7. Residents order charge cards on the E-Flux website.
  8. Ready to charge!