Plug-in hybrid cars are often delivered with a plug that fits into a regular 220/230V socket. But charging through a regular outlet often is not safe.

Fire hazard
The regular socket is not made to provide a lot of power for a long-term. When this happens there is a chance that the socket will melt whilst charging the car. In order to charge safely, a so-called CEE plug is commonly used. These sockets are better known as the blue ‘camping’ socket or the red power socket. They are made for a heavy load, over a longer period of time.

Choose a safe charging solution
For fully electric cars a charging station is a must to get the battery fully charged within a reasonable time. Connected to a 3.7kW charge point, a hybrid car will be fully charged within 3 hours because of the smaller battery capacity (average 10kW). With the E-Flux back office you have insight into all charging sessions, and you can set a rate for guests (neighbors or friends) who are charging. In addition, it is possible to settle charge-costs with your own company or employer. E-Flux reimburses the fee on a monthly basis. We also offer 24/7 support for any problems. For example, our helpdesk can remotely release a connector or reset the charging point if needed.

Do you not want to settle the charging costs with your employer? Then a mobile home charger will also suit your needs. You can safely charge the car because the charging current can be adjusted, and the charger stops when the car is fully charged. A mobile charger is also useful for traveling or vacation. The costs are around €400. Please note: never connect a hybrid or electric car to an ungrounded outlet.

If you do want to settle costs with your employer we recommend to choose a charging station in combination with a back office. See the options for charging stations including the prices for hybrid cars here.

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Set prices for your charging station and determine who has to pay and who can charge for free. In your account you have access to charge data and invoices.

Charge Card Portal

Do you have an E-Flux mobility card? Then you can access this portal for an overview of charging sessions and charge locations.

Technical Portal

Technical details of charging stations are accessible in the Technical Portal. Also remote support, tickets and update of firmware are available in the portal. Specially developed for technical staff.

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