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Collaborate with E-Flux

What can you expect from E-Flux?

Independent eMobility platform

20+ charge point manufacturers integrated

Charge passes for public charging

Field Service Management for the Installer

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Why collaborate?

Overview of your installed charging points

Free access to installer platform

24/7 E-Flux helpdesk

Service voor installatiebedrijf

I want to collaborate

We are partners with E-Flux

eMobility platform for installers

We collaborate with installers who offer and install charging points. We provide your customers with an all-encompassing solution to manage their eMobility. You receive free access to all of your installed charging points; combining different brands isn’t an issue.


  • All charging points are visible in one overview
  • E-Flux offers 24/7 first-line support
  • Dashboard with a real-time insight in technical issues
  • Firmware updates from the platform
  • Automatic notifications regarding technical issues

As an installation partner you benefit from:

Receive requests for charging stations

We receive quite a lot of requests for charging stations through our website. We’ll pass these on to you with all the details you need to make an offer. E-Flux only closes the deal for the eMobility platform subscription.

Participate in training

We regularly host training sessions with distributors and manufacturers in which we provide technical information regarding charging stations and our platform

Service & Support

We are here to help you if you have any questions or need help during installation.

Use our online knowledge base

Check out instructions, manuals and more in our knowledge base.