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Benefits for your customers

  • Free to choose and connect various charging stations
  • Set rates for guest consumption
  • Complete overview of charging sessions
  • Reimbursement sessions handled by E-Flux
This is what the portal looks like for your customers

Benefits for you as an installer

  • Recurring fee for sold mobility cards and subscriptions
  • Flexibility: advise different charging stations. Every station connected to one back office
  • In control of advise, sale and installation of hardware
  • E-Flux handles first line support 24/7 and answers questions of customers about back office

How is E-Flux going to support you?

With E-Flux you can offer a complete charging solution to your customers. Both for consumers, companies and municipalities. This is what you can expect from us:


First, lets meet up


Want to partner with E-Flux? Then we will sign a cooperation agreement.


You offer customers the right charging solution: charging station and back office subscription.


Register your new customer via the form and we will send the quotation for the chosen E-Flux subscription.


Has the offer been accepted? Then you will receive a notification from us. Let us know when you are going to install.


We will help you with the configuration of the charging station. Connection will be plug and play.


We will activate the charging stations in the portal. You will receive an account to access the technical portal.


You will receive an unique compensation on a yearly base.


Support? We tackle all primary problems and questions with a 24/7 helpdesk. This way we keep all EV drivers satisfied.

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