Electric cars are becoming more and more affordable, and the range (how many kilometers the car can travel on a full battery) keeps improving. After the Hyundai IONIQ, the next electric model is there: Hyundai Kona.

Realistic range of 400 – 450 km

The Hyundai Kona has a battery capacity of 64kWh, and compared to other EVs in the same price range, this is quite a difference. In favourable conditions (batteries do well in about 18-20 ° Celsius) and with normal driving behavior (yes, also 130km / h where it is allowed) the Kona can drive about 450km on 1 full battery. And that is pretty far for an electric car. A comparison: the Tesla S 70D (from € 90K) has a similar range.

To summarize the benefits

+ Price/range: 450 km range, purchase price starting at € 39.195

+ Ergonomics and user-friendly operation

+ Adaptive cruise control with lane keeping (autopilot function, so steering is possible without the hands on the steering wheel)

+ 80 kWh DC charging, means 400km in 45 minutes (with a 100kW fast charger)

Charge my Hyundai Kona electric

The Kona can charge over 1 phase on regular charging stations (AC power). This is unfortunate because the charging time of the Kona is about 12 hours. Fortunately, you rarely drive the car until the battery is empty, especially if you can also charge at work. Do you have a possibility to install a charging station at home? We recommend applying Dynamic Load Balancing for optimal charging results. A flow-meter looks at how much power is available and passes this on to the charging station. This way you avoid overload. Check out home charging points and prices.

Do you want to place charging stations at your company? To charge your Hyundai Kona as efficient as possible we recommend a 3-phase 22kW charging station. But it is also possible to place a DC Wallbox that delivers 25kW. Then the car is charged to 80% within 2 hours.

Can not you load at home? Fortunately, we have many public charging points in the Netherlands. You will then need a charging card. E-Flux offers a charge card for only € 2.95 incl. VAT per month without additional costs per charging session. Do you want an extra charge card for your partner? Then the extra card only costs you € 1.50 incl. VAT per month. And remember: always keep charging! That is why a charge card is a must in all cases. Wherever you encounter a charging station; connect your Kona everywhere.

Go to our portals:
Charge Point Portal

Set prices for your charging station and determine who has to pay and who can charge for free. In your account you have access to charge data and invoices.

Charge Card Portal

Do you have an E-Flux mobility card? Then you can access this portal for an overview of charging sessions and charge locations.

Technical Portal

Technical details of charging stations are accessible in the Technical Portal. Also remote support, tickets and update of firmware are available in the portal. Specially developed for technical staff.

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