New government subsidy for electric cars

From July 1, 2020, individuals who purchase a new electric car can get 4000 euros in return from the purchase price. This policy applies to models till 45.000 euros. Cars in this category are increasing. For example the Opel Corsa-E or the Peugeot e-208. The subsidy for occasions is 2000 euros.

What are the requirements?

The subsidy arrangement will only apply if the car is sold through an authorized car dealer. Because a trade between two individuals is susceptible to fraud. Partly due to this decision, requirements have been set for the occasions and the condition of the car. At this moment, they are researching the attractiveness of electric occasions. Consumers don’t know which guarantees they get about software-updates and battery-status. Currently, they work on a ‘battery-certificate’. This certificate guarantees a trouble-free working battery and it also covers a significant capacity loss of the battery.

Transport becomes Green!

Measures have been taken to make transport ‘green’ on the basis of the Green deal. More charge points are added every year. Even though, there are already interesting tax benefits for electric cars. For example, there is no purchase tax, road tax and there is a lower addition of 8% instead of 22% in 2020. Want to learn more? Click here.

Big choice in electric cars

The offer in electric cars (particular beneath the 50.000 euros) will increase more and more. In 2020 there are several models announced in this category. You can see a total overview via this website. The website shows every car that is available on the market or that will come this year.

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