Share optimal parking convenience with the most flexible management system for every charging station.

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Earn money with your charging station. Combine parking and charging in one tariff.

Smart Grid

Prevent overload and charge EVs more efficiently. Limited capacity of your power connection is no problem anymore.


Flexibility for future expansion. Any charging model can be installed and connected.

In 2025 there will be 1 million electric cars driving around in the Netherlands. The number of electric cars that visit your parking facility will double in the following year. If EV drivers are certain they can charge at a parking lot, they are likely to charge their EV there.
Have you already invested in charging stations for your parking area? With E-Flux you are free to choose a charging station that will meet your requirements. Managing charging stations can be done in one platform. Do you want to integrate with your current system? Anything is possible.

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This is how it works:


First we’ll meet up together with an (home)installer and E-Flux for expert advice


Choose the charging solution that’s within your budget


Installation of the charging stations in your parking facility


Together with the installer we will set a Smart Grid to prevent overload (if necessary)


Price setting with support from E-Flux


Monthly reimbursement of charging sessions credited to your bank account

Frequently Asked Questions

Which charging stations are suited for parking locations?

It is very important to install heavy duty charging stations. IK-classification is a European standard for impact protection. IK10 is the highest level and this is mandantory for public charging stations. We recommend choosing a charging station with two sockets, so two cars can be charged at the same time. Most cars can charge between, 6 and 11kW on AC. Only the Renault Zoe is able to charge at 22kW AC. For the connection to the back office we recommend using a LAN connection, due to bad reception it will be difficult to have a GPRS connection. The Smart Charging ability is also very important. With Smart Charging you will charge cars as efficiently as possible without overloading the power connection.

Where can I see charging data?

If your charging stations are connected to the E-Flux back office, you’ll receive a personal E-Flux account. With this account you can see all the data of charging sessions in the Charge Point Portal.


What is the Return on investment?

You are free to set prices for charging sessions. You can start a recurring model where you can cover the costs of electricity and receive an additional income. Depending on the annual guest use (kWh), your price setting for charging and your costs for electricity, you can calculate the return on investment.

Is a back office really necessary?

A back office makes it possible to register charging data, and most important to set tariffs for people that charge at your stations. Otherwise you’ll give your electricity away for free. Because we offer an indepent solution you are free to choose a charging station that fit your needs best. We take care of 24/7 support and we’ll make sure you receive the reimbursements for guest use.

What about the installation, support and maintenance?

E-Flux doesn’t sell the charging station, we only sell the subscription for the back office. Our partners, installation companies, give the advice for the best charging solution and they will install the charging stations. Together with the installer we connect the charging station to the E-Flux back office. You will receive an E-Flux account where you can set prices for guest use.

E-Flux offers 24/7 support. If we are not able to solve the problem due to a hardware issue, then we will contact the installer.

Is it possible to set flexible prices for charging?

We are working on implementing a new protocol (OCPI) that makes it possible to set flexible prices. For example, a different tariff for night and day.

Can I combine parking with charging in one tariff?

You can set your own prices. It is possible to set an hour tariff where you can combine the costs of charging with parking. We would like to discuss the possibilities to integrate our system with your existing parking system.

How does the payment flow of charging transactions look like?

To be able to charge at public charging stations, EV drivers are using a mobility card. E-Flux has roaming agreements and with mobility service providers and is therefore able to invoice all the charging sessions. Once we received the reimbursements, we will transfer the money to your bank account. We will do this on a monthly base.

What are the fees I have to pay when using a E-Flux subscription for charging stations?

If you use the E-Flux back office for your charging stations you’ll pay a subscription fee. For public locations we have the Public Pro subscription: monthly fee of €3 excl.VAT per socket. The additional kWh-rate is €0.02/kWh and will be paid by the EV-driver.

I want to charge multiple cars at the same time, but my power connection is limited. How can I make this work?

Charging multiple cars at the same time on a limited power connection can cause power outage. But it is possible to charge on a smart way in a Smart Grid. The physical limit of the power connection will be set in the software platform of E-Flux. An external meter will be installed between the fuse box and charging stations. The real time data of available power will be communicated to the software platform of E-Flux. The power delivered by the charging stations will be adapted based on this realtime information.

How much does the E-Flux backoffice cost?

We charge a fee for using E-Flux as backoffice. For parking facilities we have a Public Pro subscription. Monthly fee of €3 excl.VAT per socket. The additional kWh-rate is €0.02/kWh and will be paid by the EV-driver.

How is payment traffic regulated?

EV-drivers use a mobility card to charge at public charging points. E-Flux can see who has loaded your at your charging points. We collect the money by sending invoices to the companies that issue the mobility passes. The money for all loading sessions you receive monthly on your account. So you do not have to do anything other than setting charging tariffs.

Kan ik laden met een beperkte elektra aansluiting?

Vanzelfsprekend kost het laden van elektrische auto’s stroom en dat kan overbelasting veroorzaken op de aansluiting. Per laadpaalfabrikant wordt er een oplossing geboden voor Dynamic Load Balancing, bijvoorbeeld door een externe energiemeter te installeren. Deze meet hoeveel vermogen er beschikbaar is, en geeft dit door aan de laadpaal. E-Flux stelt het energiemanagement in zodat alles goed functioneert.

How is the installation, service and maintenance arranged?

E-Flux does not supply charging stations, but only the backoffice. Do you already have a home installer? Then we would like to talk with him to give you the best advice. It is important that the installation and technical advice is carried out by a recognized installer. First-line support can be picked up by E-Flux. We have a 24/7 helpdesk. But you can also choose to pick this up within your own support team. From the platform of E-Flux you can provide support at the touch of a button, such as ending a charging session if someone has lost their card, or disconnecting a charging cable.

How can I finance the investment in charging stations?

By setting charge tariffs you ensure a recurring income stream. With this you can easily earn back the investment of charging stations. You can set the rates as you want: per hour, per kWh and a starting rate.

How can I see charging data?

In your E-Flux account you will see the details of your charging stations and all activities. You can export the charging data to Excel.

Which charging stations are suitable for my parking facility?

For charging stations in (semi) public locations such as parking lots and garages, it is important that these are robust and vandalism proof. The IK classification indicates how well a product can take a beating. IK10 is the highest possible classification and is recommended for a charging station in a public location.

Do you have a parking garage where bad cell phone reception is? Then we advise to install the charging station with a fixed internet cable. To make the most efficient use of the parking places, you can choose a charging station with 2 sockets. This means that two cars can load at the same time. In the future, the cars will have an increasing battery capacity. That is why it is useful to place a charging station that can provide enough power, for example 22kW. In order to ensure that your electricity connection is not overloaded, it is good to set up a Smart Grid. For a large part, the E-Flux software controls this, but the charging station must have a Smart Charging functionality.

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