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The eMobility platform for petrol stations

Manage all locations from one platform. E-Flux offers companies operating within the petrol industry an independent and flexible solution to manage their charging stations.

More than one miljon charge cards are able to charge.

You determine the charging rate, we arrange the settlement.


24/7 E-Flux support.

Integration with your own ERP software is possible.

Dashboard with realtime data per petrolstation.

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With companies operating within the sector

We currently work with the following companies in the petrol industry.


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“Flexibility and commitment make E-Flux the perfect reliable partner.”
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Can be combined with multiple brands

The E-Flux eMobility platform is hardware independent and has integrations with more than 23 different charging stations. Charging stations are extensively tested and can be managed from one overview after integration. This gives you maximum flexibility as a company to combine different brands, or to offer AC and DC chargers.

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