The EV-market is growing fast. Due to the improved range, lower purchase price and many financial advantages such as 4% additional tax and investment allowance, the electric car is becoming more and more interesting for employers, employees and entrepreneurs. Just as with fuel cars, you want to have your travel expenses reimbursed on one invoice. But where do you find an overview of the charging costs incurred and how does this settlement come about? E-Flux offers an employer’s subscription for this situation.

With an employer’s subscription, your charging station at home is linked to the back office of E-Flux. The connection is made by a SIM card (GSM) or Ethernet cable (LAN). Technically speaking, every charging-card from E-Flux is combined with a backoffice subscription. The charging costs registered on the card are invoiced to the employer on a monthly basis. Both for charging sessions at the home charging point and at public charging stations. If a charge card from another provider is already being used, it is still possible to choose for the E-Flux employer’s subscription.

Why E-Flux?
E-Flux offers an independent management system for charging stations. This makes it possible to create an overview of all charging sessions, and to settle these with the employer or visitors who come to load. The back office is applicable to different types of charging stations, so the employee or employer always has a free choice. In addition, E-Flux also offers flexibility regarding the rates. You can set a kWh rate yourself for the charging costs you want reimbursed from the employer. This is set to €0.21 incl. VAT by default. If your employer allows a higher amount, this can be changed. E-Flux offers 24/7 support on all connected charging stations.

Costs of Employer’s subscription

We do not ask for fixed monthly costs for the connection of the E-Flux management system and the settlement of the charging sessions. However, a variable rate will be deducted over the loaded kilowatt hours. This rate is €0.02 per kWh excl. VAT with a maximum of €4.00 excl. VAT per month. You’re not charging because of holidays? Then less is charged for the subscription in this period. A charge card from E-Flux normally costs €2.44 per month VAT, but when combined with a subscription to the back office, the monthly subscription on the charge card is only €2.00 excl. VAT.

Are you an EV-driver and do you want to settle the charging costs with your employer or your own company? Request a subscription here. If you have any questions feel free to contact us:



Op welk E-Flux Portal wil je inloggen?
Charge Point Portal

In dit portal kan je als eigenaar van een laadpaal tarieven instellen voor gastgebruik, bepalen wie er op de whitelist komen te staan en laadsessies inclusief creditfacturen inzien.

Charge Card Portal

Bekijk in dit portal waar je kan laden met de E-Flux pas en heb inzicht in alle laadsessies en facturen.

Technical Portal

In dit portal kan je als installateur al je geplaatste laadpalen terugvinden. Bekijk alle technische gegevens en plan eenvoudig onderhoud in.

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