For many companies it is convenient to use a fuel card combined with a charge card. It is useful to have all transactions, for fuel and charging, bundled in one invoice, especially when not all employees drive an electric car yet. Many employers have arranged this via Multitankcard or Travelcard, or they have, for example, received an Athlon fuel card together with their lease contract.

If you have the possibility to charge at home, you also want to be able to receive a reimbursement of the charging costs. For this, you need a back office that registers all charging sessions, settles the costs and automatically pays out on your private bank-account. For this situation, we offer a low-cost solution with our Employer’s Subscription. Most back-office providers use a fixed subscription fee (in the name of a private individual) and a surcharge (e.g. 8% or € 0.02 per kWh on top of the set kWh price) for the settlement. Then the monthly costs (paid by the private individual) can go up to €10 per month.

E-Flux does this in a different way. We only charge an amount of € 0.02/kWh on top of the set kWh rate. So you decide what you want to receive per kWh from the employer, we up this by € 0.02 and the entire amount is billed each month to, for example Multitankcard or Travelcard. They in turn settle it with their client, your employer. We receive the costs for the charging sessions and then pay this to you.

The benefit?

  1. The costs for the back office subscription are paid by the employer. You are not charged with this privately.
  2. Low rates for settlement, only € 0.02/kWh.
  3. Guaranteed 24/7 support from E-Flux on your charging station. Once you have connected with our back office you can expect excellent service and assistance.

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Go to our portals:
Charge Point Portal

Set prices for your charging station and determine who has to pay and who can charge for free. In your account you have access to charge data and invoices.

Charge Card Portal

Do you have an E-Flux mobility card? Then you can access this portal for an overview of charging sessions and charge locations.

Technical Portal

Technical details of charging stations are accessible in the Technical Portal. Also remote support, tickets and update of firmware are available in the portal. Specially developed for technical staff.

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