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Amsterdam, 16th of June 2021 – The Mobility House and E-Flux collaborate by joining forces by making both platforms compatible to offer a complete charging solution for different brands of charging stations. This provides a completely independent charging solution for users and partners of E-Flux and The Mobility House.

Energy management with Charge Pilot 
The generation of green energy using solar panels, wind energy, or wave energy is very weather-dependent. To make the power grid not dependent on weather conditions, The Mobility House has developed a smart energy management system called, Charge Pilot. This platform works with the use of TMH Local controller that will be installed. Thereby you can easily manage your energy, without the dependence on one brand charge station and its services.

TMH – Charge Pilot
The platform Charge Pilot is a central figure in energy management. For example, it is possible to temporality use an electric vehicle as energy storage, because most cars are stationed for most of the day and night. This will be done using smart charge and energy systems that have been explicitly developed for this. Charge Pilot makes it possible to have a cooperation between electric vehicles, second-life EV battery storage, and bidirectional (vehicle-to-grid, v2g) electric vehicles. When using the bidirectional charging technology, the batteries of EVs will be used for the storage of green energy.

Collaboration between E-Flux & The Mobility house
E-Flux offers a full-service eMobility platform which can be connected to more than 23+ brand of AC- and DC-charge points. With the use of the E-Flux eMobility platform companies can set tariffs. Furthermore, E-Flux will automatically settle the charge sessions with the various charge card providers and reimburse the cost to the charging station owner.

Recently, E-Flus has completed an integration with the TMH controller. Making it possible, to apply energy management while accepting charging sessions and the settlement of charging costs.

This makes it interesting for E-Flux partners to offer a complete solution to their customers. An installer could independently select components (charger, charge management, CPO/MSP) and create value by integrating the system for their customers. Therefore, it becomes possible for the installer to become a full-service provider, without the disadvantage of having one single charge point brand. The installer will be able to apply a smart energy management system on different types of charge stations brand and subsequently sell these without the dependence of one single charge station brand (and their software).

John Cruijf ArenA: 3-megawatt charge system 
Visitors of the Johan Cruyff ArenA with an electric car are able to actively contribute towards the energy management of the arena. This is possible because of the fact that the EV’s will be integrated with the power grid of the stadium. This technology is called: Vehicle to Grid (V2G). This project combines 15 new charge points with existing 3-megawatt battery storage, consisting of 148 Nissan Leaf batteries, and a 1-megawatt photovoltaic system on the room of the Area – using innovative charging and energy management. Because of this smart software, it will be possible for electric vehicle owners, visiting the Area, to receive energy, but also deliver energy back to the infrastructure of the station.

The energy of electric cars decreases the level of electracy needed from the electricity grid when the demand for electricity is high. For example, during a Champions League game. As a result, that the cost of the electricity bill will decrease. In addition, the power supplements the battery storage, which is available as an emergency power supply for the Johan Cruyff ArenA in the event of a power failure. Right now, the fans of AFC Ajax have a unique opportunity to support their favorite football club but also support energy because of this smart integration. In this way, they also stabilize the electricity grid and promote the use of renewable energy sources. The system also ensures that the car’s battery is recharged in time when the visitors return home.

About E-Flux

  • E-Flux is a full-service eMobility platform that combines services and offers a total solution to companies that have an electric fleet.
  • Together with a large partner network of 300+ installation companies, distributors and manufacturers, E-Flux today serves more than 20,000 EV drivers.
  • The platform is hardware-independent and integrated with 23+ charging station brands.
  • With the eMobility platform it possible to automatically settle charging sessions, set rates, set access control.
  • For technical staff, E-Flux offers a Field Service Management system where remote maintenance can be performed.
  • E-Flux operates in 9 European countries and has a large roaming network that allows our users to charge at 200,000+ charging points throughout Europe.
  • E-Flux supports a wide range of companies including Abbott, Baker Hughes, Holland Casino, Rabobank en Hilton.

About The Mobility House
The purpose of The Mobility’s House is to create an energy- and mobility future without creating emission. We integrate vehicle batteries into the power grid with the use of smart charge- and energy solutions. In this way, we promote the development of renewable energies, stabilize the electricity grid and make electric mobility more affordable. The technology company was founded in 2009 and operates worldwide from its offices in Munich, Zurich, and Belmond (CA).

We support our private and business consumers on their way to electromobility through the planning and construction process and the operation of an individual charging infrastructure. As a neutral supplier, we work together with many partners such as charging infrastructure manufactures, installation companies, back-end system administrators, energy suppliers and car manufactures. Our smart charge- and energy management, Charge Pilot, enables our customers and partners to integrate electric vehicles into the grid in a way that is both grid-optimized and future-proof.

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*Not all installers from before April 26 have been migrated to the new platform. You will be notified when this happens.

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