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Integrating your charging station with an back office is necessary when you want to set tariffs for charging. Or if you want to receive compensation for charging costs from your employer.

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Price setting for guest usage. Ideal for parking lots at companies, public locations or when your neighbors also want to make use of your charging station.
Online insights in technical data charging stations. More convenience to execute support for installation companies.
Add a whitelist for e.g. You decide who can charge free.

How does a subscription work?

You can compare a charging station to your phone. In order to exchange data with the E-flux platform, a sim card will be installed inside the charging station. Another option is to connect to a fixed cable (LAN).

Smart Home: all charging sessions at home will be registered. From €2,50 incl. VAT per month.

Business Pro: set tariffs for guest use. From €2,50 excl. VAT per month.

Public Pro: for public locations. Pay only a tariff of €0.04/kWh excl. btw

Employer plan: for employees that want to receive compensation for charge costs.

Get your subscription handled in three steps

Will you buy a new charging station, or a do you already have one? If it meets the requirements (OCPP), then you can choose an E-Flux subscription.


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Installation of the charging station and subscription with a Sim- or LAN-connection


Activation will be done by E-Flux. You will receive login details for your E-Flux account per e-mail and you will be able to see all data online

Choose your subscription

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Do you still have a charge subscription from another provider? Please click on "Switch"
The charging station can be connected to the E-Flux platform by a SIM card (GPRS connection) or an ethernet cable (LAN).
How many sockets are in your charging station?
Profiteer van extra voordeel bij het afsluiten van een langere looptijd. Betaling vindt maandelijks plaats.
Do you want to connect more than 1 charging station with E-Flux? Choose a subscription per charging station. More than 10 charging stations need to be connected to E-Flux back office? Contact us.

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    For public locations we are happy to give you a detailed advice, based on your wishes. Please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    If you are an employee and drive an electric company car you would most likely want to receive a compensation for the made charging costs. This can also apply when you are self-employed.

    We will connect your charging station at home with our back office. In your personal E-Flux account you can see an overview of all your charging sessions. Set the kWh tariff you want your employer to pay. The tariff will automatically be set on €0,21 incl. VAT with a maximum of €0,23 incl VAT. If your employer allows a higher tariff then we can change this for you.

    We can ensure you don’t pay high costs for our plan. You only pay €0,02/kWh with a maximum of €4 excl. VAT per month. 

    This subscription also includes a charge card. The price for using the card is only €2 excl. VAT per month.

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