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How can I cancel my subscription?

Want to stop using our service? We don’t like to see our customers leave. If you really want to cancel your subscription you can let us know:


My card hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

All orders placed before 3 pm are shipped the same day. For delivery within The Netherlands we take into account 2 days before the card is delivered. It can take longer, dependent on the mail service. If you card still has not arrived in 5 days, you can contact us.

I lost my mobility card

It is important that you block your mobility card as soon as possible. You do this by logging into your Mobility Portal. You have received the login details after you have registered yourself for the E-Flux mobility card. Log in at: Then click on ‘Account’, you will then enter your personal account. Click on ‘My charging cards’, here you can enter your  mobility card as lost. Do you want to order a new charge card? Send an email to We charge €5 incl. VAT for a new card.

What are the costs of a charging station?

The costs of a basic version charging station (3.7kW) without the option to connect to a back office will be around €500. A 1-phase charging station with one socket and a back office will costs between €800 – €1,000. A 3-phase charging station can deliver 11 kW (16A) or 22kW (32A), and will cost around €1,500. Costs for installation depend on the labor hours (Smart Charging, type of connection, cables). For the installation, a total amount ranging from € 300 to € 700 must be taken into account.

How can I change or stop my charging station subscription?

Our subscriptions have a duration of 1, 2 or 3 years. It is not possible to stop this in the meantime. You can change your subscription form, for example, you can switch from a fixed-rate plan to a flexible-rate plan. Please note, there are costs associated with changing your subscription. This applies for both the charge card and the charging plans.

What is the meaning of Priority Charging?

If you are charging in a Smart Grid, then you can use our Priority Charging functionality in the E-Flux app. Indicate in the app what your expected departure time is, which car you are driving and what the battery status is. Based on this data and the available power, your car will be fully loaded within the indicated time.

Lost your mobility card?

Have you lost your mobility card? Go to your personal E-Flux account and click on “Account”. Go to “My mobility cards” in the submenu on the right. Click on “Report as lost”. The card will be blocked immediately. We will send you a new card and we ask a one-time fee of €5.

What kind of charging station is suited for my situation?

When choosing the right charging station you have to check:

  • The power connection (1-phase of 3-phase)
  • Diameter of the cable which runs from the fuse box to the charging station.
  • Type of car and battery capacity. Charge capacity determines how fast a car can charge.
  • Location: for public locations we advise a heavy duty charging station with IK10 grade.
  • Limited power available: if this is the case a smart charging grid will be ideal.

What is Smart Charging?

The Smart Charging functionality of E-Flux is applied in a Smart Grid. In addition to dynamic load balancing (external hardware solution), the vehicles are loaded to priority. Our intelligent software ensures that all cars are fully charged during the specified time frame, provided that enough electricity is available. The driver indicates in the E-Flux app when he leaves, which car he has and what the battery status is. On this basis, electric cars are loaded to priority. The customer has the option to set flexibility discounts. The longer the EV driver remains, the cheaper it will be charging per hour.

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