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Planning to charge less? Change your orange subscription now for free to the orange pay as you charge subscription. No more monthly fees! Pay only when you charge. Fill in the form ‘Change charge card subscription’ and E-Flux will change your subscription.
Change charge card subscription

No longer using our services? Then fill out the second subscription cancellation form or click on the orange subscription cancellation button for an official cancellation.

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€0,29 incl. VAT per session

>>No monthly fees
>> Pay €0.29 per session when using the card
>> Pay afterward via monthly invoice

The back office subscriptions can only be cancelled after the term. Do you have a hardware issue, please contact E-Flux.

Charge card subscription

  • Please fill in your preference regarding the change of subscription.
  • This number starts with NL-EFL-...... and can be found on the charge card or tag.

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