The size of the second-hand market is also increasing with the growth in the number of electric cars in the Netherlands. The electric occasions mainly come from the lease market. Because a new electric car is relatively more expensive compared to the traditional petrol or diesel variant, a second-hand car can be a good alternative. To make a good choice here it is important to pay attention to a number of things.

Battery and range

Because an electric car depends on the battery, this is the most important thing to check. A new battery is pretty expensive (€ 5,000 – 15,000). The quality of the battery can be estimated by the range. Take a long test drive (leave with full battery) and check the range during the ride. How many km can you actually cover? The original range can be checked on the EV database website. If the actual action radius does not deviate much from this, you can assume that the battery is functioning properly. The first generation of electric cars shows that the batteries perform much better than expected. The lifetime is estimated at 10 – 20 years.

Charging behavior

Check during the test drive how the battery handles charging. For charging with AC power, the on-board charger in the car converts the power. How much this is depends on the on-board loader. This is also indicated on EV database. In addition, it is good to ask the old owner how the car is charged. This is because a charging station causes less wear and tear than charging via the normal household socket.

More value electric car

Research shows that electric cars retain their value better compared to gasoline and diesel cars. For example, 40-50% of the new value remains with an electric car, while for gasoline and diesel cars this is 27 – 42%.

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