Great news for Wallbox fans! From this month on the E-Flux back office can be linked to Wallbox charging stations. Wallbox is an incredibly welcome addition to the list of charging station brands that support our services. At this point, E-Flux collaborates with more than 20 charging station manufacturers.

Wallbox – innovative, compact and superior quality

Wallbox is a leading energy management company that creates smart charging solutions for EV’s. By combining the latest technology with exceptional design Wallbox establishes a smart ecosystem that improves the way in which we maintain, use and store energy. Wallbox was founded in 2015 and resides in Barcelona. Their mission is to promote and simplify the acceptance of EV’s today to enable more sustainable use of energy tomorrow.

E-Flux & Wallbox & Soolutions

Thanks to a collaboration between Wallbox, Soolutions and E-Flux, it now possible since to automatically settle transactions with the employer or the leasing company with Wallbox charging stations. A great next step in making electric driving more accessible!

Wallbox offers a range of different charging stations with functionalities based on personal needs at home or at the office. Since the Wallbox hardware and the OCPP (Open Charge Point Portal) have been linked, it has become possible to utilize the E-Flux back office.

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E-Flux: full-service eMobility platform

E-Flux is a full-service eMobility provider. E-Flux focuses completely on back office software and provides all necessary services for its partners and customers. Combined with several different partners E-Flux offers a complete charging solution to the EV-driver to ensure that charging is a carefree experience, regardless of whether they are at home, at work or on the road. E-Flux offers the owner of a charging station insight into charging sessions, real-time status and an overview of all proceeds. Besides the automatic reimbursement of the charging costs of employers or guests, E-Flux offers 24/7 support through their excellent helpdesk. This ensures great support, no matter the hour of the day. From their Amsterdam headquarters, E-Flux serves more than 10.000 customers and 90 partners Alongside this E-Flux collaborates with more than 20 charging station manufacturers. Because of our independent status, our platform can be linked with multiple brands and charging stations at the same time.

The charger was installed and connected within moments. Everything was settled in a professional way and they offered a ready explanation about the system. After a short phone call to double-check the connection I was instantly able to charge my EV with my personal charge pass. All energy is now automatically settled through my charge pass provider.

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About Soolutions

We facilitate the energy transition by making renewable technology easily accessible and affordable anytime, anywhere. If you know what you need, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at In addition to the sale of the charging points, Soolutions also takes care of the installation and management. By using the Charge Configurator, you have selected the right charging points with the matching installation with a few simple clicks. In 2013, we have already helped thousands of customers across Europe find the right charging solution.

About Wallbox

Wallbox is a leading energy management company that manufactures smart charging solutions for electric vehicles. Combining state-of-the-art technology with exceptional design, Wallbox creates a smart ecosystem that improves the way we manage, use and store energy. Created in 2015 and with its headquarters in Barcelona, Wallbox’ mission is to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles today to make a more sustainable use of energy tomorrow.

About E-flux

At the end of 2017, our story began. The market for electric driving was already quite moving but something was missing: flexibility. The freedom to choose a back office provider for the desired charging station. With this vision as a foundation, E-Flux started building an independent platform. E-Flux focuses purely on developing a high-end EV platform. In addition, we offer services to our partners and customers. In this way we connect all parties in the chain and we can offer one total solution to the end customer.

Op welk E-Flux Portal wil je inloggen?
Charge Point Portal

In dit portal kan je als eigenaar van een laadpaal tarieven instellen voor gastgebruik, bepalen wie er op de whitelist komen te staan en laadsessies inclusief creditfacturen inzien.

Charge Card Portal

Bekijk in dit portal waar je kan laden met de E-Flux pas en heb inzicht in alle laadsessies en facturen.

Technical Portal

In dit portal kan je als installateur al je geplaatste laadpalen terugvinden. Bekijk alle technische gegevens en plan eenvoudig onderhoud in.

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